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June 2024 Newsletter

From Communicating in the Classroom to Communicating in an Interview

Schooling prepares you for the workforce in a variety of ways, how to meet deadlines, work in a team environment, and think critically. Now it’s time to take those learned skills and transition into the workforce. But first, how do you prepare for an interview to transition from classroom to career?

May 2024 Newsletter

Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

Highlighting your home’s finest features is essential for getting top dollar when ready to sell. The only way to highlight those features is by decluttering your home. “Clutter is overwhelming for potential buyers,” says Deon Oden, Mortgage Loan Officer (NMLS #7789) at Coulee Bank. House hunters may get the impression that the home isn’t well-maintained or feel storage space is inadequate.

April 2024 Newsletter

Create a Spending Plan for Financial Success

Creating a spending plan that aligns with your income and expenses paves the way for short-term and long-term financial security. Experts at Coulee Bank recommend assessing your finances regularly so you can create a budget and save for your future.

March 2024 Newsletter

Digital Banking is Convenient, Secure, and Versatile

Whether it’s for your business needs or personal needs, Coulee Bank wants you to be able to bank when it’s important to you. With our digital banking platform, you can experience convenience, security, and versatility.

February 2024 Newsletter

How to Protect Your Deposits

It is generally thought that this coverage maxes out at $250,000 per depositor. But what if you have more than $250,000 to insure? Did you know you can access millions in FDIC insurance for cash deposits using one trusted financial institution?

January 2024 Newsletter

Stay One Step Ahead of Fraudsters with Positive Pay

While electronic (ACH) transactions are becoming the norm, fraud still exists. Fraudsters create counterfeit checks and other electronic (ACH) transactions that can clear the bank without you even realizing it. That’s why Positive Pay is one the most effective ways to ward off fraud and keep your hard-earned money safe.

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