ACH & Wire Transfers

Move funds anywhere in the world, quickly and securely

ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Wires allow you to move money from your account directly into the account of someone else by offering a quick, safe, and secure method of payment. 

The ACH network is a system that batches financial transactions together and processes them at intervals throughout the day. Both individuals and corporations can originate a direct deposit or payment using the ACH network.

With Wires, you can send domestic or international payments in either U.S. dollars or foreign currencies quickly and securely via Wire Transfer.

Beneficiary Bank ABA/Routing: 091800374
Beneficiary Bank: Coulee Bank
Beneficiary Bank Address: 1516 Losey Blvd S
Beneficiary Bank City: La Crosse
Beneficiay Bank State, Zip: WI 54601

Final Customer Account #: ______________
Final Customer Name: ______________
Final Customer Address: ______________
Final Customer City, State, Zip:  ______________

Download Domestic Wire Transfer Instructions Here!

Intermediary/Receiving Bank SWIFT: BBWIUS44
Intermediary/Receiving Bank Name: Bankers’ Bank Madison
Intermediary/Receiving Address: 7700 Mineral Point Rd
Intermediary/Receiving Bank City, State, Zip: Madison, WI 53717
Intermediary/Receiving Bank Country: United States
Beneficiary Bank ABA: 019800374
Beneficiary Bank Name: Coulee Bank
Beneficiary Bank Address: 1516 Losey Blvd
Beneficiary Bank City, State Zip: La Crosse, WI 54601
Beneficiary IBAN #: BBWIUS44 091800374 ___Coulee Bank Account #___
Beneficiary Name: ____Coulee Bank Customer’s Name____
Beneficiary Address: ___Coulee Bank Customer’s Street Address___
Beneficiary City, State, Zip: ___Coulee Bank Customer’s City, State, Zip___

Download International Wire Transfer Instructions Here!

Incoming Wire Transfer

$10.00 per transfer

Outgoing Wire Transfer

$22.00 per domestic transfer
$52.00 per international transfer

Contact our Treasury Department ( to get set up!