Personal Services

Coulee Bank offers more than just loans and deposit accounts! These products and services will help secure and protect your financial information while allowing you to Bank with Confidence.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep all of your important documents, photos and valuables in one safe, and easily accessible place.

Identity Theft Protection

Coulee Bank has teamed up with Deluxe Provent to provide you with integrated suite of identity theft protection services that provides identity theft prevention, detection, and restoration.

Direct Deposit

It's quick, easy, and it's secure. Direct Deposit is a free service that automatically deposits recurring income into any Coulee Bank checking or savings account you choose.

Security Shield Password Protection

Using a variety of methods, criminals can steal your identity by using your Social Security number, driver's license numbers, credit card numbers, ATM cards, telephone calling cards, and other pieces of your identity.

Stretch Overdraft Protection

Stretch Overdraft Protection provides you with a line of credit that can prevent the inconvenience of having a payment returned for insufficient funds. Should you overdraw your account without this protection, you could be charged a fee from the retailer as well as NSF service charge.

You can access your line of credit by writing a check, as an ATM transaction, a debit card transaction, or by contacting one of our personal bankers and requesting a deposit to your checking account.

Sweep Overdraft Protection

With Sweep Overdraft Protection, we will automatically transfer funds from your Coulee Bank savings account or from any other of your deposit accounts into your checking account in order to protect your checking account from incurring an overdraft.

The transfer will be made in $50 increments. This convenient service will save you the embarrassment of a bounced check and incurring unnecessary service charges. We do charge a small $5 fee for each sweep.


Automatic Fund Transfers

Forget to make your loan payment? Wish you were putting extra money into your savings? 

Automatic Funds Transfers are a standing banking arrangement whereby transfers from your account are made on a regular, periodic basis without further instruction or action by you. Simply tell us how much you’d like to transfer, how often to make the transfer and which accounts to transfer to and from.

Bank to Bank Transfers

Move money between Coulee Bank and another financial institution with a few simple clicks.

ACHs & Wires

ACH and Wires allow you to move money from your account directly into the account of someone else by offering a quick, safe, and secure method of payment.

Debit Cards

Card is accepted more readily than checks, can be replaced instantly if lost or stolen, and there's no annual fee.

Credit Cards

With a Coulee Bank credit card you will receive a competitive interest rate and several card holder benefits. Talk to a personal banker today to learn how you can apply.

Ordering Checks and Deposit Tickets

Want your checks to say something special about you?

Come in or e-mail one of our personal bankers to set up a time to see the Deluxe catalog and place your order.

Phone Banking

There are times when running to the bank—or even getting to a computer—just isn't possible. That's why we offer this complimentary service to you.

You can check balances, transfer funds, check for current interest rates, or hear a listing of transactions on your account.

Credit Report

Reviewing your credit will alert you to any suspicious activity on your accounts or account you don’t recognize which can be signs of identity theft.