Digital Banking is Convenient, Secure, and Versatile

Coulee Bank’s digital platform allows you to bank when it’s important to you

Whether it’s for your business needs or personal needs, Coulee Bank wants you to be able to bank when it’s important to you. With our digital banking platform, you can experience convenience, security, and versatility. Our recently updated digital banking platform has revolutionized the way our customers bank, and we still have the same great customer service for those who like to bank in person or on the phone.

The Convenience of Digital Banking

Digital Banking is essentially the banking world staying on trend with the needs of their customers. Ben Lillie, VP, Director of Retail Banking, says, “Much like transactions created by people ordering from Amazon or Target by phone or online, digital banking has adapted in the same manner.” Digital banking offers convenient solutions at any time of the day or night. Lillie explains, “If you are a night person and want to bank at two in the morning, or if you forget to deposit a check during normal business hours, you can deposit your check on Coulee Bank’s mobile app.”

Other digital transactions include:
·        Obtaining bank statements
·        Transferring money
·        Bill Pay
·        Loan Management
·        Monitoring transactions

In 2024, customers can bank digitally on their computer, or their phone or tablet, and each format functions the same. Lillie says, “When digital banking initially started, each format was different, and customers had to learn how to use each version. Now, customers can learn one format for all devices making it easy to use and convenient.”

Is Digital Banking Safe and Secure?

Sending and receiving financial information electronically is at the heart of digital banking. But is it secure? “While nothing is foolproof, the firewalls and the way the data is encrypted make online banking very safe. Much safer than older banking methods,” says Lillie.

He explains that in the past, customers sent checks through the mail, faxed, or called for requests, and now most, if not all transactions can be completed online. You no longer need to wait to deposit a check at a branch location nor do you need to concern yourself with checks being stolen from the mail.

So how is Coulee Bank forging ahead in the digital world? To remain up to date in the digital banking sphere, Coulee Bank invested in a new and easy-to-use digital banking platform. This new digital platform coupled with three departments at Coulee Bank ensures all our digital systems are functioning correctly. All this work happens behind the scenes, allowing you to control your banking transactions.

Can Digital Banking Help My Business?

Digital banking provides versatility. It gives you more control of your transactions. Lillie says, “What’s exciting for our customers is the addition of our new Treasury Management department. With the addition of this department, you as business owners or signers on the business account have control of day-to-day operations. Rather than relying on the bank to perform certain functions, like wire transfers or ACHs, business owners now have tools to complete these functions.”

ACH can move money on the same day with a click of a button. Plus, customers don’t need to send checks that show their bank account and routing number through the mail which can expose any business to fraud. Examples of ACH transactions are payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and vendor payments. These types of payments are quick, easy, and efficient.

Are There Challenges to Digital Banking?

“The biggest challenge we see with digital banking is the generation of people who haven’t converted to digital banking,” says Lillie, “but, at Coulee Bank, we make sure all generations bank in a way that is meaningful for them.” Coulee Bank is a community bank, and we take pride in building relationships with our customers. Customers can still visit bank branches in La Crosse, Holmen, Onalaska, Rochester, St. Paul, and Minnetonka. In each branch, you can sit down with someone in the bank to help with transactions, show you how to use the digital system, or help you troubleshoot any challenges in using the system. Digital banking gives you the power, and we want you to be able to bank the way you want to bank.