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Man looking inside his safe deposit box

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep all of your important documents, photos and valuables in one safe, and easily accessible place.
Box Size Annual Price
3x5** $25.00*
4x5*** $30.00*
5x5 $40.00*
3x10 $45.00*
4x10*** $50.00*
5x10 $55.00*
10x10 $75.00*
Key Replacement $30.00*
Lock Drilling $200.00*
Lock Drilling & New Lock $300.00*

* Indicates a change in service charge or fee effective July 1, 2013.
** Not available at Onalaska branches.
*** Not available at Onalaska or St. Paul branches.

Safe deposit boxes are available only to Coulee Bank checking and savings customers and can be access anytime during regular business hours.