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Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep all of your important documents, photos and valuables in one safe, and easily accessible place.
Box Size Annual Price
3x5** $25.00*
4x5*** $30.00*
5x5 $40.00*
3x10 $45.00*
4x10*** $50.00*
5x10 $55.00*
10x10 $75.00*
Key Replacement $30.00*
Lock Drilling $200.00*
Lock Drilling & New Lock $300.00*

* Indicates a change in service charge or fee effective July 1, 2013.
** Not available at Onalaska branches.
*** Not available at Onalaska or St. Paul branches.

Safe deposit boxes are available only to Coulee Bank checking and savings customers and can be access anytime during regular business hours.