Who We Are

Coulee Bank's Mission

"Doing the right thing for our clients and colleagues"

Coulee Bank is a family owned community bank with a long-standing tradition of excellent service with strong roots within the communities we serve. For over 60 years, our team of local professionals have been dedicated to helping and serving our neighbors and communities. Our mission is simple: Doing the Right Thing for Our Clients & Colleagues. 

Our Core Values


We are committed to serving the needs of our employees and communities by making intentional decisions to benefit others.


We treat our clients and coworkers with kindness and respect, always being eager to help.

Always Improving

We strive to be better every day and seek innovative, efficient, and thoughtful solutions.


We respond to requests with timeliness, thoroughness, and efficiency.


We are willing to be agile in our response to changing conditions and expectations.

The Coulee Bank Difference

We are a family owned community bank with a long-standing tradition of excellent service. We offer many of the same products and services as other financial institutions, but our focus on relationships and service built on trust and responsiveness has been our philosophy for 60 years. Being a small business ourselves, we offer an unparalleled knowledge of the local market, and it continues to help us serve the unique needs of our customers today.

Who You Trust With Your Money Matters

We are a community bank. When you deposit money at Coulee Bank, those funds are used to support local businesses, homebuyers, and everyday consumers. The proceeds from those businesses employ residents, fund municipalities, and continue the cycle of locally based economic growth. We put our tax dollars to work right here in the communities we serve. Bank local!

When Our Communities Succeed, We Succeed.

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