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From Communicating in the Classroom to Communicating in an Interview

How do you prepare for an interview to transition from classroom to career?

Owning a Home is a Solid Investment

June is homeownership month, and at Coulee Bank, we have good news for you. Even though you may be apprehensive about buying a home in this financial climate, rates won’t stay high forever. It’s better to buy the house and rent the rate.

Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

Highlighting your home’s finest features is essential for getting top dollar when ready to sell. The only way to highlight those features is by decluttering your home.

Create a Financial Game Plan During Your Wealth-Building Years 

As college students gear up to enter the workforce, we have some practical tips to help put a solid game plan in place. 

Lured Into a Phishing Scam?

Did you get lured into a phishing scam? Don’t panic! Let’s discuss what to look for and how to fix it if you took the bait.

Opportunities Are Endless With the Creation of Small Businesses

Small businesses fuel innovation, create jobs, and serve their communities. They play a vital role in shaping society and offer opportunity and growth for their employees and the economy.

Take Control of Unwanted Calls by Opting Out

We can show you how to opt out of unsolicited loan offers after you apply for a loan.

Community Involvement is the Backbone of a Community Bank

Community banks are known to serve businesses and individuals in a small geographic area and emphasize personal relationships with their customers.

Create a Spending Plan for Financial Success

Creating a spending plan that aligns with your income and expenses paves the way for short-term and long-term financial security.

The Importance of an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is key to financial security and peace of mind. It works best when you establish a budget and regularly set aside money to help with unexpected expenses.

Digital Banking is Convenient, Secure, and Versatile

Coulee Bank’s digital platform allows you to bank when it’s important to you

How to Build Business Credit

In the fast-paced business world, having a well-established credit history is essential.

Should I Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?

If you are ready to purchase a home, consider getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

What is ACH and Why Does Your Business Need It?

ACH is an electronic payment system used to move money from one bank account to another.

How to Protect Your Deposits

Insure your deposits with one banking institution.

Unlock the Door to Home Ownership

Two organizations that help people find affordable housing.

Kick Off the New Year with Smarter Business Decisions

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters with Positive Pay.

Are You an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

Owning a business is not without risk. It’s best to pick an industry you are passionate about and one you have researched.

Like a Sinking Ship, Mortgage Rates Are Taking a Dive

Mortgage rates are finally taking a dip after doubling at the beginning of 2023.

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

It’s an all too unfortunate reality that older adults are attractive targets for financial exploitation because they tend to possess more wealth than other potential victims. 


Properly Storing Your Financial Records

Your financial records contain identifying details and account information that can be dangerous in the wrong hands.


Living Within Your Means at School

Between tuition, books, housing, and other daily expenses, college can take a major toll on your wallet.


Merging Accounts When You Get Married

Coming up with a financial plan that works for your marriage is of the utmost importance.