Business Service Charge Fees

Below is a list of the service charges and fees for our business accounts effective October 2021.

Cashier's Check $2.00 each
Personal Money Order $2.00 each
Certified Check** $20.00
Printed Check Order Varies with style
Deposit Item Returned Fee $10.00 per item
Overdraft Item Fee (per item presentment) $32.00 per item daily maximum $224.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (per item presentment) $32.00 per item daily maximum $224.00
Continuous Overdraft Fee 1 $3.00
Stop Payment Charge* $10.00 per item
Account Research $25.00 per hour
$25.00 minimum
Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
$25.00 minimum
Copy of Cancelled Check $1.00 per page
Duplicate Statement $5.00
Rolled Coin (per roll) $0.10 (non-customers)
Foreign Currency $20.00 purchase
$20.00 redemption
Foreign Item Fee $10.00 or $60.00
Notary Service FREE
Fax Fee $5.00
Duplicate Tax Form $5.00 per form
Garnishment/Levy Fee $75.00
Account Closed
- within 6 months
Dormant Fee in Service Charge
- no activity within 2 years time
$5.00 per month
Failure to Update Address (Returned Mail Fee) $5.00
Rejected Check $5.00
Replacement Debit Card $5.00
PIN Re-issue $5.00
Check Images with Paper Statements $15.00 per month
Paper Statement $3.00 per month

* Indicates a change in service charge or fee
1Should you overdraw your account, we may assess an overdraft fee. Our current overdraft fee is $32. We will also assess a $3 continuous overdraft fee. A continuous overdraft fee is a daily fee for an outstanding overdraft status. Typically, we will charge this continuous overdraft fee after the 2nd calendar day and for each calendar day that your account is overdrawn and continues to have a negative (overdraft) balance. Fees for overdrawing your account may be imposed on each check, preauthorized automatic debit, telephone initiated withdrawal or any other electronic withdrawal or transfer transaction that is drawn on an insufficient available account balance.

Wire In Fee $10.00 per transfer
Wire Out Fee - Domestic
Wire Out Fee - International
$22.00 per transfer
$52.00 international transfer
Internet Banking Transfer FREE
Phone Banking Transfer FREE

3x5** $25.00
4x5*** $30.00
5x5*** $40.00
3x10 $45.00
4x10*** $50.00
5x10 $55.00
10x10 $75.00
Key Replacement $30.00
Lock Drilling $200.00
Lock Drilling & New Lock $300.00

Safe Deposit Boxes not available at Holmen branch

** Not available at Onalaska branch
*** Not available at St. Paul or Rochester branches