Health Savings Account

Save for planned and unplanned health expenses

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are consumer directed health coverage that combines a high deductible health plan with a tax-free savings account for medical expenses. A HSA enables you to pay and save tax-free for qualified medical expenses.

You control how and when you spend the money in your HSA and your balance can grow year after year, tax-free, through retirement.

Your health is a valuable asset. We want you to have all the protection you deserve. A Health Savings Account may help protect you financially and help you better manage the unexpected.

Health Savings Account includes:

Initial Deposit $50

No minimum balance
Monthly statement
Debit card available

Contact one of our Personal Bankers at (608) 784-9550 or (866) 784-9550 for current rates, yearly contribution limits and to apply for one of these accounts.

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