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Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills on time every time with Online Bill Pay. Find out how Online Bill Pay can make your life easier below or get started by signing up today.

Advantages of Using Online Bill Pay

  • Online Bill Pay is another way to help prevent identity theft and fraud. By paying your bills online, you eliminate the possibility of someone intercepting your payments in the mail and obtaining your personal information such as account numbers.
  • Online Bill Pay is convenient. Pay your bills whenever, anywhere that you have internet access. You can even schedule bills to be paid in the future.
  • Best of all, Online Bill Pay is free. There is no monthly charge to use Online Bill Pay. Customers are allowed to pay up to 20 bills per month at no charge. Any bills paid over the 20/month maximum are charged $0.50 per item.

How do I sign up for Online Bill Pay?

You must have a Home Branch online banking account to use the Bill Pay service. If you do not currently have a Home Branch account, click here to apply. If you are currently a Home Branch customer and would like to add Bill Pay to your account, send a request through the secure messaging system by selecting "Contact Us" in your Home Branch account.

Need Help?

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions or our Bill Pay Demos.

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