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Retired couple Viewing Retirement Plan Online

Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning allows you to live the retirement lifestyle you desire. How you handle your personal and financial affairs today can and will determine what you can do tomorrow. So whether you’re close to retirement or have not yet started to plan, you may benefit from a free Retirement Planning Session. It’s great tool in determining or fine-tuning your retirement goals and investment strategies.

Each session is customized to your needs, and can include:
  • Evaluation of goals and risk tolerance
  • Evaluation of budget in relation to your goals
  • Review of any current investments
  • Overview of portfolio design
  • Review of allocation
  • Recommendations for your retirement planning strategy
The free retirement planning sessions are available with Shari Hopkins, LPL Financial Advisor. During your planning session, Shari Hopkins will help you determine your goals, develop or evaluate your current plan, and offer advice.