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Kasasa Tunes

Crank Up the Rewards on Your Checking Account with Kasasa Tunes.

Kasasa Tunes rewards you with payouts you can really use, like free music, apps, movies and more. Earn up to $5 in Amazon®* and iTunes®* digital downloads each month — downloads you can turn into whatever sound or storyline you choose. Plus, get an extra $20 in Amazon®* and iTunes®* downloads just for signing up!

You can take your balance as low as you need to go in your Kasasa Tunes account. There's no minimum balance required to earn the rewards and no monthly service fee. It's the freedom to move and shake to your own rhythm. But don't worry where it takes you. We'll also refund your ATM fees — up to $20 per month - not just where you live, but nationwide!

Kasasa Tunes qualifications aren't just easy, they save you time. Odds are you do them anyway. Just take advantage of simple tools to qualify, like:

  1. Use your debit card 10 times for purchases during the qualification cycle dates.
  2. Be enrolled and log into online banking once during the qualification cycle dates.
  3. Be enrolled and receive e-statement notices.

For Kasasa Tunes, a "monthly qualification cycle" starts on the last business day of a month and ends on the second to last business day of the next month. All requirements must post and settle your account during the monthly qualification cycle to be considered a qualifying account and receive the credit for that month. They may not be in a pending state to qualify as one of the transactions. Transactions may take one or more business days from the transaction date to post to an account from the date the transaction is made. Intra-bank transfers (transfers between two Coulee Bank accounts) do not count as qualifying ACH transactions.
Coulee Bank will only accept Kasasa Tunes applications from applicants residing in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.