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Secure File Transfer

At Coulee Bank, we take your personal financial security seriously. Therefore, to ensure safe transfer of sensitive documents, please use our Accellion file transfer service.

Please follow the instructions listed below to complete your file transfer:

  1. Click the Accellion link to bring up the Request File window.

    Accellion Request File

    NOTE: The link will open in a new window, allowing you to switch between windows to view the following instructions.

  2. The subject line, to and from fields will be automatically populated and cannot be changed.

  3. Using the Message box, enter the name of the Coulee Bank team member you have been working with. You may also add a personal message to be sent along with your file.

    NOTE: Please do not worry if the name of the team member you have been working with is not one of those pre-populated in the 'To' field. The recipients will pass your file and message on to the appropriate team member you have noted in the message box.
  4. To send files up to 2G, click on 'Choose File/Folder'.

  5. To send files over 2G, click on 'Use Regular Upload'.

  6. Choose your files (attach limit 10).

  7. Click Send.

All of your secure files and text will be sent encrypted to Coulee Bank to ensure security. A member of the Coulee Bank team will be in contact to discuss any next steps.