Home Branch Assistance

Home Branch Assistance

Logging in to Home Branch

  • Login to Home Branch.
  • Enter your Home Branch ID: please use the ID provided in the e-mail you received (if you no longer have access to this e-mail, please contact us).
  • Enter your Home Branch PIN: Enter the Home Branch PIN you have previously created. If this is the first time logging in or after a reset, enter the last four digits of your tax ID/Social Security Number.
  • Click on the "Login" button.
  • The first time logging in or after a reset you will next see a page to change your PIN (see "Changing your Home Branch PIN").

Home Branch customers are required to login to their account every 60 days, or their account may be deactivated. For security reasons and identity theft protection, Coulee Bank strongly recommends review of your account transactions on a regular basis.


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