Deluxe Provent - Identity Theft Protection

Deluxe Provent - Identity Theft Protection

Take Steps to Prevent Identity Theft – Before it's Too Late.

Identity theft affects millions of consumers every year. It can tie up your resources, steal your time, and complicate your life. It takes, on average, a whopping 303 hours to repair the damage done by identity theft and the consumer’s out-of-pocket costs are typically near $500. Every day, criminals are finding new ways to steal personal information and perpetrate fraud.

That’s why Coulee Bank and Deluxe Provent are pleased to bring you these Identity Theft Protection Services:

For additional details, contact a personal banker today at (608) 784-9550, send us an e-mail, or click here.

IMPORTANT: Once you sign-up with Coulee Bank, you can expect to receive an initial welcome communication directly from the Deluxe Provent program office shortly. This communication will provide you with important information regarding your coverage, including instructions for activating the Internet and Credit Monitoring portions (if applicable) of your service.

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